Tactile signs

We develop, manufacture and offer the latest devices and equipment that ensure the accessibility of territories, buildings and structures for people with limited mobility, including people with disabilities of various nosologies, primarily for people with visual impairments: the blind and visually impaired.

  1. Tactile pictograms, tables and signs : development tool for tactile-visual navigation systems for visually impaired people.
  2. Tactile mimics : a means of providing navigation (orientation) for persons with visual impairments, which is a tactile plan of a building, object, individual locations of the object of the adjacent territory.
  3. Tactile tiles and information stickers: intended for blind and visually impaired people and marking their paths.
  4. Universal symbol of accessibility for people with disabilities, in particular signs indicating parking spaces for vehicles of people with disabilities should meet both the needs of people with various disabilities of the musculoskeletal system and accessibility criteria for people with various visual impairments.

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