Tape for marking steps


Self-adhesive contrasting tape for marking obstacles, width 50 mm, roll – 33 m.

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Tactile and contrasting step markings are designed to ensure the safe movement of visually impaired people, whether visually impaired or totally blind. This marking is regulated by GOST and is mandatory when handing over facilities where stairwells are present. It is best to mark the steps with tactile anti-slip tape.

Marking steps for the visually impaired is the most rational way of adapting stairwells for the blind and visually impaired because:

  • are durable, have an inexpensive and easily replaceable insert
  • have tactile effect, thanks to which they are understandable for a blind person
  • GOST compliant

The product is a 50mm wide ribbon with a medium grit coating on a self-adhesive base.

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