Digital Accessibility Expert Group of “The Barrier-Free Ukraine”  Resource Centre

On our trip we have both experts versed in technical accessibility standards and testers with visual, hearing and motor impairments who use assistive technology in their everyday lives. We not only identify web accessibility bugs, but also assess recommendations for fixing them, and test the site automatically and regularly.
The result is a website that not only conforms to WCAG accessibility, but is truly beneficial for all users.

Audit of the website in relation to its level of accessibility for people with disabilities: hearing, visual and motor impairments

In today’s world, the Internet plays a significant role in making life easier for many people. Thanks to the World Wide Web, people can do their shopping, pay their utility bills, communicate with family and friends, and find out the news and information they need. And, most importantly, you can do this at any time of day or night and in any location: on the street, in a bus or bus, in a cafe or even in the bathroom.

The positive aspects of Internet resources are appreciated by many: pensioners, young mothers on maternity leave, people who have to stay at home, or are in a car accident or on sick leave. And, of course, people with disabilities. But not all websites are adapted to their perception, so developing a website for the visually impaired and blind has an important place in the work of web developers.

POG Resource Center “Barrier-free Ukraine” specializes in the adaptation of Internet resources for people with visual impairments: the blind and visually impaired.


Our services

Initial website accessibility analysis

The analysis is carried out automatically and manually, including using a screen reader (screen access software).
You will receive a report with an overall evaluation of the quality of your resource accessibility and a list of all errors found (typical errors are listed once, with information on what difficulties the error causes).

Price from 200€
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Performed only after an initial accessibility analysis and if necessary.

As a result you will receive detailed recommendations on how to fix any accessibility issues, and once the issues have been fixed as per our recommendations or by our developers – you will receive a conclusion that your site is accessible.

Price from 400€
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Supporting a project that is being set up from scratch

We help you draw up the ToR, are in constant contact with your designer, layout designer and programmer, and test the product at each

We test the product at each stage of development and offer solutions if necessary. As a result, you will have a website that meets accessibility standards and is accessible to people with various disabilities.

The cost is 5% of the development budget.
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A website adapted for people with disabilities can be ordered and purchased from the POG Barrier-Free Ukraine Resource Centre.

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