Guide Walker Nordic Walking Club

The club was formed on the basis of Guide Runner and thanks to Vasily Zakrevsky and Ruslan Rubel. Our group brings together people with vision problems and volunteers who help with the sport.
The club welcomes all new Scandinavians!

What is Nordic walking?

The sport originated in Finland as a summer training programme for skiers.

Seeing the high effectiveness of this physical activity, Nordic walking with poles began to be used by lovers of active lifestyle, and it spread to Western Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia and other countries around the world.

Nordic Walking is a great way to tone muscles, have a therapeutic effect, and help people quickly recover from injuries. You need the right poles for your workout.

Any sports training has a certain potential, which can be realised only if the exercises are performed correctly.

Nordic Walking is just beginning to gain popularity in Ukraine, and now it’s time for you to join in!

Our classes:


Warm-up exercises for muscles and joints to prepare the whole body for the workout

Overcoming the distance

We run an average of 5 km at an optimum pace in the class, with additional distances as required by the group


After the course, it’s a good time to get your body’s fluids circulating again with stretching exercises

Cost: 200 UAH/month

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