The public association enterprise “Resource Center “Barrier-Free Ukraine” (RCU) is an organization that has been operating in the Ukrainian market for 10 years in the field of architectural and information accessibility of socially significant objects and resources for people with disabilities and low-mobility groups.
The creation of the Resource Center “Barrier-Free Ukraine” was initiated by the All-Ukrainian Association of Citizens “National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine” with the aim of practical solution of the issues of adaptation of existing architectural environment, sports and transport infrastructure to the needs of people with disabilities and other low-mobility groups before the final part of the Euro 2012 football championship in Ukraine.

RCCU supplies and assembles both products of its own production and materials produced by our partners in Ukraine and around the world. RCCU’s own production is focused on products for the visually impaired. Tactile information signs, mnemonic diagrams, tactile signs in relief and Braille are printed using modern equipment and machinery on a wide range of materials, including plastic, metal, and even wood. This way, accessibility facilities are integrated into any interior design solutions.
The BCCU staff ensured the accessibility of dozens of medical institutions, subway stations, airports, shopping centers, educational institutions, etc.
Starting in 2017, the BCCI began developing and supporting the area of information accessibility of web resources and service platforms, namely staff training and certification according to the Deque and IAAP standards, work on the accessibility of its own website (, testing of state and other websites/platforms, as well as participation in lobbying for information accessibility together with the National Assembly of People with Disabilities in Ukraine.
In 2020, as part of the UNDP project “Conducting a Study on Accessibility of E-Governance and Electronic Service Tools for Citizens in Ukraine: Inclusiveness and Human Rights at the Forefront”, the BCCU provided UNDP with a number of services, including a review of websites: 82 state websites (about 70% at the national level and about 30% at the regional level), electronic portals, interfaces of services available on the Internet to find accessibility opportunities for people with visual, hearing, and cognitive impairments.
In 2021, as part of the UNDP and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine project “Testing and Analysis of the Accessibility Level of the Diia Online Resource Ecosystem”, 18 resources were tested under the contract, including 17 websites and 1 mobile application.
Thanks to the experience gained and the availability of our own specialists (certified by Deque University, IAAP WAS), who already have team experience in implementing joint projects, the BCCU is the best entity that can meet any requirements for the implementation of Services related to testing, analysis of accessibility and bringing online resources in line with international WCAG standards.
We currently have many ideas for implementing our own various social projects that are extremely relevant for Ukraine today. These projects are related to:

– creating architectural accessibility;

– creating information accessibility;

– creating digital accessibility;

– physical support for people with disabilities;

– preparation of methodological recommendations and manuals on the above issues.

For years of fruitful work in the market of Ukraine we have implemented important projects of organizations. We are the best in a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities and people with low mobility.


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Our team


Vasily Mandzyuk

Svyatoslav Gorbenko
Consultant architect according
tobarrier-free space

Alexei Mandzyuk
Project Manager

Sergei Marinyuk
Commercial Director

Eugene Svet

Consultant for the creation of a
barrier-free environment

Ruslan Rubel
Technical Director

Dmitry Popov
Digital Accessibility Expert

Our core values:

Ukraine – accessible to everyone!

Украина – доступная каждому

  • We are open and respectful of each person’s personality and individuality

  • We are proud of the results of our work and our business

  • Human rights

  • We can help ourselves and others in our community

  • Tolerance

  • Contribution to Society

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