Maps and atlases

Tactile atlases and maps: features

Atlas and maps for the blind is a manual made in accordance with GOST and includes special tactile images, made in relief-graphic form and duplicated in Braille. Tactile atlases and maps convey information for visually impaired people about cultural and historical objects and “describe” historical information in flat-printed font.

Atlases and maps for the blind have a number of differences from other printed publications. Namely:

Tactile image;
Full color printing. Use bright colors for better perception of visually impaired people;
Tiflometka. Most often, cards for the blind are equipped with sound reproduction, which provides information for all categories of the population, including young children;
Braille. The inscriptions and signatures are made in embossed dotted font and provide an opportunity for visually impaired people to get the necessary information, thanks to tactile sensations.
It is easy to buy an atlas or a map in Braille with the Barrier-Free Ukraine Resource Center, just call and order, because Braille maps facilitate the process of perception and are intended for everyday use in educational institutions using inclusive education systems.

For visually impaired people, Braille is a lifesaver, making it more comfortable and convenient. With the help of their “native” language, visually impaired and blind people can read books, magazines, draw, etc.

Among the printed publications for people with limited mobility, it is necessary to highlight atlases and maps in Braille. POG “Resource Center “Barrierless Ukraine” develops and manufactures this type of tiflomaterials and provides an opportunity to purchase them at affordable prices and high quality.

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