Braille book stickers

From 50.00 

Material: oracle
Color: transparent
Size: Depends on the text
Circulation: from 20 pieces


Braille book stickers are an ideal solution to support the accessibility of literature for the visually impaired. Made of high-quality material, these stickers are transparent and have long-lasting wear resistance, ensuring long-term use without loss of quality.

Braille on the stickers clearly conveys the text, making books accessible to people with varying levels of vision loss. The size of the stickers adapts to the text (title, authors) of the book, which ensures optimal visibility of symbols and ease of reading.

These stickers can be used for:

– Marking book titles on library shelves or at home to easily identify Braille books.
– Marking of sections or chapters in the book for orientation and convenient navigation.
– Introducing children to Braille, making reading more interesting and accessible.

By using braille book stickers, you support inclusivity and make reading culture accessible to all.

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