Outdoor facade signs in braille


It has a tactile effect. The sign is accessible to the visually impaired.
Materials printed on: PVC, composite, oracal (optional) We can produce a sign in the size and colour you require, which will fit perfectly into the interior.

Base price and size :

420x450x3 mm = 1650grn,
700x800x3 mm = 3700грн


POG Resource Center “Barrier-free Ukraine” produces outdoor facade signs with Braille in a standard version of composite aluminum panels, their colour scheme is diverse and fits any facade.

Under the new requirements, pharmacies and drugstores must be equipped with means of accessibility for people with limited mobility, in particular people with visual impairments: information signs in Braille, staff call button, etc. Braille signage should include the pharmacy’s opening hours and name. Signage for the blind is especially important for pharmacy inspections and accreditation.
Our company produces tactile Braille signs for the visually impaired and the blind. The tactile signs can be combined, in which case they are written in Cyrillic and duplicated in Braille, or they can be written only in Braille. The coating is yellow weather-resistant enamel, the letters and signs are black. (deviations from this colour scheme are permitted). The signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The warranty period for outdoor signs is 1 year.
Standard dimensions of signs: 420x450x3 mm, 700x800x3 mm.
Languages: English, Ukrainian, Braille.
Delivery within Ukraine is done by means of delivery services, the standard service is Nova Poshta.

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