Braille information board “Apparel”

From 460.00 

It has a tactile effect. The sign is accessible to the visually impaired.

Materials printed on: PVC, composite.

We produce signs in the size and colour you need.

Base price and size :

250 x 250×3 mm = 440 UAH;
350 x 150 mm = 380 UAH;
300 x 150mm = 365 UAH.


Our “Apparel” information board with braille is an important accessory for the premises. It is especially useful for people in wheelchairs, increasing accessibility and comfort.

Why is the “Apparel” label important?

1. Accessibility: It helps to easily find the necessary equipment and devices on carts.
2. Inclusivity: The Apparatus sign creates an environment that takes into account the needs of all.
3. Independence: Allows people with disabilities to navigate independently, reducing dependence.
4. Compliance with requirements: Ensures compliance of premises with accessibility standards.

Our lettering method ensures a long life for the signs, and Braille accessibility signs have no sharp corners, making them safe for all users.

Our tactile signs can be combined, where the text is written in Cyrillic and duplicated in Braille, or signs where only Braille is used. The coating of the plates is weatherproof, the letters and signs are made in contrasting colors.

We guarantee a long service life of these signs on the street for 1 year.

The Apareli sign with braille is an important element to ensure comfort and accessibility in public spaces, especially for people using wheelchairs.
Order the “Apparel” sign now to make your premises more accessible and comfortable for all visitors!

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