Plate “Video surveillance in progress” in Braille

From 460.00 

It has a tactile effect. The sign is accessible to the visually impaired.

Materials printed on: PVC, composite.
We produce signs in the size and colour you need.

Base price and size:

250 x 250×3 mm = 440 UAH;
350 x 150 mm = 380 UAH;
300 x 150mm = 365 UAH.


This information sign with “CCTV is being monitored” and additional Braille is an important element for any premises, landlord or business. Not only does it fulfil an important informative and legal function, it also ensures that the information is accessible to the visually impaired.

Key benefits:

  • Ensuring legal compliance: As per the law, it is important to inform visitors about CCTV on the premises. This signage helps owners and landlords comply with these requirements.
  • Inclusivity and accessibility: The presence of Braille information makes this signage accessible to the visually impaired, ensuring equality of access to information for all visitors.
  • Increasing trust and transparency: Informing customers about CCTV promotes an atmosphere of trust and transparency, which is important for any business.
  • Prevent legal problems: Clearly communicating about video surveillance can help avoid legal problems related to privacy and confidentiality.Product Features:

Material: High quality, wear-resistant material. –

Size: Optimal for reading and placement.

Design: Modern and clear, with easy to read Braille.

Mounting: Easy to install on any surface

Text is duplicated: in Ukrainian or other language, according to the needs of the client.

Provide your premises with the necessary information for all visitors, complying with legal requirements and principles of inclusiveness.

Order now to make your premises safer and more accessible to all!

Additional information


250x250x3 mm


english/ ukrainien


English, Ukr.



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