Anti-slip aluminum pad on the first and last step

From 295.00 

Anti-slip aluminum pad on the first and last step with a yellow rubber insert. Its installation will provide a visual, anti-slip effect, as well as a tactile notification of users with profound visual impairment about the need to concentrate in order to avoid injury while moving up the stairs.

A special grooved rubber tab will make movement comfortable and safe on a slippery surface.
Installation of an anti-slip aluminum profile is especially important in places such as supermarkets, pharmacies, transport, banks and other frequently visited locations.

Size: 1000 x 45 mm


Advantages of using a non-slip aluminum pad on the first and last step:

Safety for users with profound visual impairment: The pad provides safe movement on the stairs for people with disabilities, in particular those with profound visual impairment. It helps to avoid possible injuries during ascent or descent.
Visual information: The yellow rubber insert and the aluminum construction of the pad attract attention and provide visual information about the boundaries of the stair construction. This is especially useful in situations with limited lighting or when you need to quickly perceive a risk.
Tactile information: In addition to visual information, the rubber insert of the pad provides tactile signals to users that they have reached the beginning or end of the stair structure. This helps maintain orientation and reduces the risk of accidental falls.
Anti-slip: The rubber insert on the pad provides an additional anti-slip effect, which makes walking on the stairs safer, especially in wet or slippery conditions.
Ease of installation: The pad is easily installed on the first and last steps without the need for specialized tools or complicated installation procedures.
Durability and strength: Made of high-quality materials, the aluminum pad is durable and resistant to the influence of external factors, which ensures a long service life. Its installation will provide both a visual, anti-slip effect, and a tactile notification to users with profound visual impairment of the need to focus in order to avoid injury while moving up the stairs.

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