Self-adhesive tactile guide tile (polyurethane)

From 260.00 

300*300 mm – 330 UAH
400*400 mm – 390 UAH

Polyurethane tactile tiles:

High strength characteristics. Such products will not crack, break, fade and wear out, unlike concrete signs;
Low cost. The final price of equipping facilities with PU-based tactile tiles is lower than the cost of using concrete products.
Versatility. PU tactile tiles can be used on any curved or embossed surface.


Tactile tiles made of polyurethane with an adhesive layer make it possible to adapt the required area for the visually impaired in a matter of minutes. The properties of the polyurethane tiles and the adhesive composition enable the tactile tiles to be used in rooms with high footfall.

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400*400 мм

Толщина основы

2 мм


330 г.

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