Tactile art album “Treasures of Culture. Ukraine” for the blind in Braille

From 11,900.00 

Tactile art albums “Treasures of Culture. Ukraine” for the blind in Braille


Tactile Album for the Blind: “Treasures of Culture. Ukraine” contains tactile images of works of art made in the technique of typhlography – relief printing, which allows “seeing to the touch”, as well as descriptions in Braille. This format of art albums is new for Ukraine, so we hope that this experience will contribute to the development of inclusive art in Ukraine.

These editions present tactile images that can be both viewed and felt. According to the 30 cultural professionals surveyed, Ukrainian cultural treasures were selected for the publication. In particular, the mosaic “Our Lady of Oranta”, images of Baroque embroidery, Petrikovsky painting, Hutsul ceramics, Pinzel sculptures, paintings by Alexander Murashko and Tatiana Yablonska, and others.

Such art books are essential for schools and educational centres for blind children.




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