Tray for mimic board

From 8,900.00 

Transparent acrylic with fixing, 650x980x5 mm


A tray is a special element made in the form of a liner, less often a stand for display products or unfinished workpieces. They are used for packaging various items that require special care.

In order to perform this task, the inner elements of the packaging and packaging must perform a number of functions:

Fixation – ensuring the immobility of the goods in the container.
Cushioning – absorbing vibrations, shocks and other peaks of stress on the contents of the container during transport.
Separation – ensuring the minimum required clearance between the units of goods as well as between the goods and the container walls to avoid shocks, friction and other undesirable interactions.
Container space organisation is a complex function implying maximum ease of packing, unpacking, storing and using the container contents.

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