In accordance with the requirements of Ukraine, it is obligatory to have comprehensive coverage of safety, accessibility and usability of buildings and structures. New Building Regulations (DBN) must be taken into account when designing residential and industrial buildings, as well as when refurbishing, repairing, reconstructing sustainable residential buildings and domestic structures.
If you want to expertise the compliance of buildings and constructions with valid regulations you must pay attention to the basic principles:
  • during the design or reconstruction of technical parameters, measures must be taken to ensure the ease of passage and movement of persons with reduced mobility, including persons with disabilities, around the building or area;
  • responsibility for the safety of people on the site and when moving around the facility, for taking over the area and for obtaining the service of the developer and owner of the facility handed over in anticipation.

Survey of architectural accessibility of facilities for persons with disabilities and other low mobility groups

The service customer receives a package of reporting documentation:
– a summary form “List of identified barriers and surfaces”;
– general conclusion on the state of architectural, open accessibility and accessibility of services for MSM.
In addition, the following are provided:
– a survey questionnaire indicating all parameters and indicators obtained through the instrumental survey;
– package of photo and video materials.
A photo or video presentation of the results of the survey can be developed upon request.
Cost from 150€
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And information support for the management of facilities and services in the regulatory framework of Ukraine regarding accessibility for persons with disabilities

Only carried out after an initial accessibility analysis and if necessary.

As a result, you will receive detailed recommendations for correcting all accessibility problems, and once the identified problems have been corrected according to our recommendations or by our developers, you will receive a statement that the building or facility meets accessibility and barrier-free requirements.

Cost from 200€
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Conclusion on the accessibility of the premises for persons with disabilities

How is an affordability study carried out?

To start work, our experts carry out a comprehensive study of the property in accordance with all requirements established by Ukrainian legislation and regulations. Our specialist will need to provide the following documentation:
– documents of title;
– technical passport;
– plans, schemes and photos of the buildings;
– technical report, if it has been drawn up earlier.

Cost from 300€
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Example of a report on the accessibility of the premises
for persons with disabilities
Приклад висновку про доступність приміщення для осіб з інвалідністю та інших маломобільних груп населення
This report is required:

Features of the service

Before starting an inspection, RZBU’s experts carefully examine the legal and technical documentation. This includes legal documents, the technical passport, a previous technical report on the presence or absence of irregularities in the premises, photographs of the property and other materials. In some cases, a land use plan is also required. Such documents will help the RASC specialist formulate the route and strategy for the survey. This is especially true if the building is large or has a complex layout.

During the survey, our qualified specialist will pay attention to the following:
– according to the GSN, the corridors should be wide enough for wheelchair users;
– the interior elements should not hinder the movement of people, including persons with disabilities and persons with handicaps;
– there should be no obstacles at the height of 0.7-2.1 m;
– The suitability of the sanitary area and toilets for wheelchair users, persons with disabilities and other persons with disabilities.

List of documents and costs

In order to calculate the cost of work on the survey of premises regarding their accessibility for persons with disabilities and other MSH, a preliminary acquaintance with the features of the object is required. In order to carry out an assessment of the technical parameters, RASC specialists need to provide the following package of documents:

1. Copy of the documents confirming the ownership rights (the premises are owned by the client) / Copy of the contract (the premises are leased).
2. Copy of technical passport of BTI.
3. Client’s data for the contract (details, address and company name).

When setting the price various factors are being taken into consideration. Our specialists will consider the condition of the object, specifics of exploitation, etc. To do this, the client should provide photos: entrance group, ramp, doors and corridors, etc. The list of documents required may vary from case to case.

Order the service from professionals

Need help with technical building inspections? Then give us a call! We have long been a leader in our industry. This is because of a number of advantages of the company. We conclude a contract with each client under which accessibility inspections will be carried out.

The company assesses the suitability of buildings for all groups of people, including people with special needs. A date and suitable time is agreed in advance with the building owner or operator. More information is available from the manager. Call us and we will answer your questions!

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