Our aim is to practically address the issues of adapting existing environmental, sports and transport infrastructure to the needs of people with limited mobility, including people with disabilities.

©Vasyl Mandziuk, CEO of the Resource Centre Barrier-Free Ukraine

Possible questions may be addressed in the programme:

  • Features of organising transport for passengers with reduced mobility.

  • Types and degrees of impairment of passengers with reduced mobility.

  • The practice of using compensatory and auxiliary aids in the provision of escort services for passengers with reduced mobility.

  • Productive support and assistance techniques for passengers with mobility impairments. Video lecture.

  • Methods of moving persons with mobility impairments into and out of a wheelchair in and out of the carriage compartment without the use of auxiliary aids.

  • Techniques for assisting and escorting passengers in a wheelchair when navigating curbs, ramps, escalators and stairs.
  • Ways of assisting and escorting visually impaired passengers in business premises, in transport, in adjacent areas and in the rail/air transport cabin, escorting several visually impaired persons at the same time by one escort.

  • The specifics of providing transport escort services to passengers with impaired mobility.

  • Consideration of risk situations and humanitarian emergencies when organising services for passengers with disabilities (Safety, Evacuation).

Our specialists develop a tailor-made programme for each customer

Pictured: how our classes are run

Евгений Свет Консультант по вопросам создания безбарьерной среды
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Евгений Свет Консультант по вопросам создания безбарьерной среды
Trainer information
Certified specialists. More than 20 years’ experience of running relevant workshops. Over 20 years’ experience in the field of social and domestic rehabilitation of people with disabilities of different nosological groups. Provided training for relevant services at airports and airlines in Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv, Odessa, Simferopol.
Azin Vladimir, leading specialist of the NGO “National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine”, member of the Public Council of the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine

Evgeny Svet, consultant of the NGO “National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine” on issues of a barrier-free environment

Why organise training for your employees?

The training is intended to provide additional knowledge, skills and competences aimed at ensuring accessibility and barrier-free access for people with disabilities, showing respect for people with disabilities and avoiding discrimination against them.

The training course is recommended for employees of the following areas:

– governmental and non-governmental organisations dealing with social protection of the population;

– companies working in the field of education and health care;

– 7 employees involved in the employment of citizens.

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