Tactile games

The Barrier-Free Ukraine Resource Center presents a wide range of products that help visually impaired children develop and learn, learn about the world around them, and explore something unusual and new. For this, tactile games are also used.

Tactile games for the blind and visually impaired

Tactile games for blind and visually impaired children are the means of formation and development of skills and abilities necessary for every person. They contribute to the development of fine motor skills, finger sensitivity, develop memory, logical thinking, spatial orientation skills.

Children with visual impairments need communication. If the tactile game involves team actions, it provides the most important skill of communication and interaction with other people. Tactile games for the blind bring up attentiveness in children, teach them to follow the rules of the game and think over the next step, help to experience vivid emotions and make decisions independently and be responsible for them.

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