An inclusive world atlas in Braille

From 15,000.00 

We hear a lot about inclusion, about accessibility of education for people with special needs, but no one has actually been able to make the same map of the world in all the years of Ukraine’s independence. Blind people still use Soviet maps which contain countries which do not exist today.

This is Ukraine’s first atlas of the world, which will be convenient both for the blind and the visually impaired. For the blind, the inscriptions are in Braille, for the visually impaired – the map is painted with bright colours. The set consists of a raised map on polymeric film, which is combined with a colour image. The symbols and other inscriptions are in Braille.

It can be used to explore the physical map of the hemispheres – continents, mountains, lowlands and more.


Blind users, experts and manufacturers have tried to find the best solutions to make Atlas even better and more convenient.

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