Недавно была завершена первая очередь работ по обустройству для маломобильных групп населения, в том числе людей с инвалидностью, станции Святошинско-Броварской линии Киевского метрополитена «Шулявская».

Система тактильних смуг на метро Шулявська

In particular, the station has developed and installed:

1)a system of tactile strips to facilitate independent and safe movement of blind and visually impaired people (information, warning and guiding tactile strips)

2) a system of universal mimics that facilitate orientation at the station for all passenger categories, including the blind;

3) updated visual navigation system – new, more accessible for visual perception of all passengers, signs indicating the direction of metro trains, list of stations, signs showing the way to the exit of the station;

4) In accordance with the regulations, door leaf and door handles at the entrance/exit of the station were highlighted in a contrasting way, visual navigation system of the entrance area was updated.

Мнемосхема "Шулявка"

Kyiv Metro is one of few organisations in Ukraine which implements a systematic approach and solves a number of problematic issues on creation of safe and unhindered access to its facilities and services for all categories of passengers, including passengers with disabilities and other low-mobile population groups.

Such systematic work is successful thanks to the long-term cooperation of the Kyiv Metro with the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine (NAIPU).

Shulyavskaya station as well as Sviatoshyn, Syrets, and Lukyanivska stations were staffed by experienced specialists from NAUI Resource Centre – Ukraine Without Barriers NGO during planning and implementation of the works.

Our specialists provided consultancy support, developed and implemented a conceptual system of tactile floor navigation for “Shulyavskaya” station, which was first implemented in Kiev at “Svyatoshyn” metro station.

Система тактильних смуг на метро Шулявська
Інформаційні вказівники на станціїї метро Шулявська

Thus, “RCBU”  is a co-author of the “Shulyavskaya” station accessibility concept: developer and supplier of universal mimics, pointers, universal map-scheme of Kyiv Metro stations.

The second phase of works on installation of accessibility for low mobility passengers at “Shulyavskaya” metro station: ramp at the entrance / exit of the station, tactile elements of accessibility (tactile strips) for the blind and visually impaired.

“Resource Centre” Bezbariernaya Ukraine “” is a company of professionals who work in the organization of socially significant objects of various means and equipment designed for the safety and comfort of movement of people with low mobility.

You may read more about developed by our specialists system of mnemonic schemes here.

The main advantage of our organisation is an individual approach to adapting the environment for people with low mobility.

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