Tactile pointers

We develop, produce and offer the latest devices and equipment that ensure the accessibility of territories, buildings and structures for people with limited mobility, including for people with disabilities of various nosologies, primarily for people with visual impairments: the blind and partially sighted.

Tactile Icons, Tables, and Signs: A Tool for Developing Tactile-Visual Navigation Systems for the Visually Impaired. They make these tactile pointers with Braille markings.
Tactile mnemonics: a means of providing navigation (orientation) for people with visual impairments, which is a tactile plan of a building, an object, individual locations of an object in the surrounding area. The mnemonic scheme helps blind and partially sighted people and other visitors to orientate themselves on the territory of the institution, organization or on a separate floor of the building. If mnemonics include information in both regular and raised-dot braille, they become universal and serve as a means of ensuring accessibility for all categories of visitors.
Tactile means of orientation: intended for blind and partially sighted people and marking of their movement paths.

A universal symbol of accessibility for people with disabilities, in particular, signs for parking spaces for vehicles of people with disabilities: must meet both the needs of people with various musculoskeletal disorders and the criteria of accessibility for people with various visual impairments.

Tactile pointers occupy a special place among such devices. Over the years of work in the country’s market, the POG “Resource Center “Barrier-free Ukraine” has acquired unique experience in the production of this type of products, in particular in terms of the ratio “price” – “quality” and has a well-deserved reputation among customers.

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