Information sticker on handrails (floors 1-36)


Self-adhesive permanent adhesive film

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Main advantages

  • Water resistant self-adhesive backing
  • High wipe resistance
  • Tactile layer height 0.8 mm

    Features and applications:

    – Tactile stickers are manufactured from 80 µm thick PVC film in monochrome or yellow colour.
    – The height of the tactile layer is at least 0.8 mm. The tactile layer is a relief consisting of a set of polymer layers, where each successive layer is polymerised on the surface of the previous one by means of UV-radiation.
    – To facilitate the perception of tactile information by the blind and visually impaired, the stickers are mounted upside down on the outside of the handrail.

The stickers are a plane of no more than 80 microns thick with a tactile Braille surface. Information can be duplicated in flat convex font. The product is fixed to the handrail surface using a homogeneous adhesive backing. Tactile stickers for handrails can be signs indicating numbering of floors and intermediate platforms, names of offices, directional signs, tactile bar about the end of a handrail.

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