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Resource Center “Barrier-Free Ukraine”

Enterprise citizen association “Resource Center “Barrier-free Ukraine” is a company of professionals working in the market of Ukraine for 8 years in the field of organization of architectural and informational accessibility of socially significant objects for persons with disabilities and low-mobile population groups (LGP).
We develop and produce various technical means, equipment and devices, designed for safe independent movement of any person, regardless of his physical features.
The goal of our work is “Inclusive Ukraine – accessible to everyone!
The main difference of our developments is an individual approach to the adaptation of the environment for people with low mobility.
We implement the program “Accessible Ukraine”, its individual projects, conduct activities for social adaptation of people with disabilities, as well as develop and produce new equipment.
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Buildings and territory

Значок "Перевірено спільнотою"

Обстеження архітектурної доступності об’єкту для маломобільних груп населення, в тому числі для осіб з інвалідністю


Personnel work with people with limited mobility
Значок "Перевірено спільнотою"


Навчання “Доступність об’єктів навколишнього простору, будівель, транспорту, інфраструктури для маломобільних груп населення (МГН). Методологія проведення обстеження з визначення стану доступності відповідних об’єктів”

Adaptation site

for less mobile population groups
Значок 'Перевірено спільнотою'

Site adaption

“Tactile strips – accessibility of open public spaces for people with visual impairments. Methodological Recommendations”.

For the first time in Ukraine in such a volume a wide range of questions of functioning of tactile accessibility elements – ground tactile strips, their classification, as well as standards and principles of construction and use of systems of tactile strips, errors and artificially created barriers in the arrangement of space with ground tactile strips, etc. are considered.

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«Тактильні смуги - доступність відкритих громадських просторів для людей із порушеннями зору. Методичні рекомендації».
Years on the market
Audits of the state of architectural accessibility of facilities for persons with disabilities and low-mobile population groups were conducted
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