Facade sign for medical institutions and organizations with braille

From 1,860.00 

It has a tactile effect. The sign is accessible to the visually impaired.

Materials printed on: PVC, composite.
We can make a sign in the size and colour you need.

Base price and size :

420x450x3 mm = 1650grn,
700x800x3 mm = 3700грн


“Resource center “Bezbarierna Ukraine” manufactures street facade signs with relief-dot Braille font. They are made of aluminum panels, their color range is diverse, suitable for any facade.

Our medical braille signage is an essential accessory for accessibility. Provides comfort not only for people in wheelchairs, but also for the blind.

Why is a facade sign important?

1. Accessibility: Facilitates the identification of educational institutions for people with visual impairments.
2. Inclusivity: Emphasizes respect for the needs of all visitors, including the blind.
3. Independence: Allows the blind to navigate independently.
4. Compliance: Helps institutions meet accessibility requirements.

The warranty period of street signs is 1 year.
Languages: English, Ukrainian, Braille

Delivery on the territory of Ukraine is carried out using delivery services, the standard service is Nova Poshta.

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