Circle sticker with printing for marking glass/transparent parts of doors “Entry”, “Exit”

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Type: self-adhesive
⦁ Color: yellow
⦁ Material: oracle
⦁ Size: 190 mm



The circle-shaped sticker with printing for marking glass/transparent surfaces with the inscription “Entry”, “Exit” is an ideal solution for marking the entrance door and ensuring maximum accessibility of the room. It is made of high-quality PVC material, which ensures reliability and resistance to external influences.

The main advantages of the sticker with the inscription “Entry”, “Exit”:
⦁ Clarity and brightness: The sign “Entry” and “Exit” is made in the form of expressive text, which is easy to recognize and provides clear information about the entry/exit location.
⦁ Ease of use: The sticker is easily stuck on glass surfaces, which allows you to mark the door quickly and efficiently.
⦁ Excellent visibility: The yellow circle combined with the sign “Enter”, “Exit” is a great solution for people with poor vision, as they will be able to easily distinguish this signal.
⦁ Professional appearance: The sticker has a standard diameter, is informative and professional.

A circle sticker for marking the glass/transparent parts of the door with the inscription “Entry”, “Exit” will be a reliable assistant in marking the entrance and ensuring the accessibility of your premises.

For correct installation, the following requirements should be observed:

⦁ The surface must be dry and clean.
⦁ The working temperature of the surface (door, showcase) must be at least +10°C.
⦁ It is better to apply the sticker with a squeegee for better contact with the surface.
⦁ When placing the sticker, it should be taken into account that it should be placed at eye level, at a height of 1.2 to 1.5 meters from the floor. (DBN B.2.2-40:2018)
This approach allows for maximum comfort for people with visual impairment

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