Semicircle sticker for marking glass/transparent surfaces

From 120.00 

Type: self-adhesive
Сolor: Yellow
Material: Oracal
Size: semicircle with a diameter of 190 mm.


Sticking a semicircle on a glass or transparent surface is an important element of safety and convenience in premises, especially where a transparent door with a visible handle is used to open them. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Handle Visibility: The semi-circle sticker is displayed behind the handle on the glass door, making it better visible and recognizable to users. This is especially important in environments with high passenger volumes or in areas with an increased risk of injury.

2. Convenience of opening doors: The sticker helps users quickly and easily find out which way to open the door, especially when they have a similar design or a large transparent surface.

3. Safety and avoidance of injury: The bright semicircle in the vicinity of the handle reduces the risk of inappropriate opening of doors or collision with them, which can lead to traumatic situations.

4. Accessibility for all users: The decal is designed to be accessible and understandable to everyone, including people with visual impairments or other disabilities.

5. Aesthetics and Space Organization: Adding a semi-circle sticker can improve the aesthetics of a room and help organize the space by emphasizing key areas and distributing the movement of users.

So, decaling a semi-circle on a glass or clear surface is ideal for improving safety, convenience and accessibility in areas with high traffic volumes and glass doors.

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