Braille sign “Lift”

From 490.00 

It has a tactile effect. The sign is accessible to the visually impaired.

Materials printed on: PVC, composite.
We produce signs in the size and colour you need.

Base price and size:

250 x 250×3 mm = 440 UAH;
350 x 150 mm = 380 UAH;
300 x 150mm = 365 UAH.


We are pleased to announce the installation of a Braille ‘Lift’ information sign in our facility. This is important for inclusivity and compliance with Ukrainian legislation.

Legislative basis:

According to Ukrainian legislation, in particular the Law of Ukraine ‘On the Basics of Social Protection of Disabled People in Ukraine’, all public establishments are required to provide barrier-free access for people with disabilities. This includes not only physical accessibility, but also the availability of information accessible to visually impaired people.

The importance of the “Lift” signage:

1. Compliance with the law: Installing signage is part of meeting legal requirements.
2. Accessibility: The signage helps visually impaired people to use the lift.
3. Social integration: The signage promotes the integration of people with disabilities into society.

How to use?

The sign is located near the lift and provides information for the visually impaired.

Available sign sizes: 250x250x3 mm, 350×150 mm, 300×150 mm.
Choose the language: English, Ukrainian, Braille.

Braille lettering ensures durability and safe edges ensure user safety.

The signs can be in Cyrillic and Braille or Braille only. Atmospheric resistant coating and contrasting colours provide convenience.

We guarantee a long outdoor life of 1 year. Order, we will deliver to Ukraine via Nova Post.

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