Sign «Lift» in Braille

From 440.00 

It has a tactile effect. The sign is accessible to the visually impaired.

Materials printed on: PVC, composite.
We produce signs in the size and colour you need.

Base price and size : 
250 x 250×3 mm = 440 UAH;
350 x 150 mm = 380 UAH;
300 x 150mm = 365 UAH.

Background colour: yellow/blue/white
Languages: English, Ukrainian, Braille


We present you a convenient and innovative solution to improve accessibility and comfort – a Braille sign “Lift”. This product not only clearly indicates the location of the lift, but also provides information accessibility for visually impaired people.

Why it is needed:

1. Inclusivity:
The Braille sign creates an inclusive space where information about the location of the lift is made accessible to everyone, regardless of their vision.

2. Ease of Navigation:
Make it easier for people to find and navigate the space by marking the location of the lift with clear and accessible signage.

3. Safety:
Ensure the safety of visitors and employees by providing clear information about the location of the lift.

4. Compliance with Standards:
Braille signage meets accessibility standards, which is especially important in public and commercial buildings.

Who it is intended for:

The Braille lift sign is for anyone who values improved accessibility and comfort in public and commercial spaces, including visually impaired people.

Make your space more friendly and accessible. Order your Braille “Lift” sign now!

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